First Year Experience (FYE)

First Year Experience (FYE) & Student
Success Initiatives

We are a "home base" experience of support, connection, and welcome for all new first-year students at CSN connecting students to peers, the community, campus resources and a network for overall success. New students move through the FYE aligned with innovative and impactful programming including new student orientation either online or in-person at C.O.R.E. (Coyote Orientation Registration Experience) first year focused events, Peer Leader connections, and overall programming and support for academic and social engagement in the college community.

Our Mission

The First Year Experience (FYE@CSN) provides a seamless and comprehensive first year experience supporting holistic transitional success in academic and personal exploration in the first year. FYE supports CSN's "students first" focus on graduation, completion, transfer & prosperity.  FYE@CSN works collaboratively with campus and community partners to provide important connections to the CSN community, key relationships, and structured resources & support. FYE creates academic and co-curricular pathways by which students can connect, persist and reach educational goals through graduation and beyond.

Picture of new student club

New Coyote Crew Club!

Picture of Yvonne Jackson and Dr. Z

Yvonne & Dr. Z at CSN Connections!

Picture of Dr. Violanti, Yvonne Jackson and student

CSN Connections - NLV!

Picture of Dr. Violanti  and students

CSN Connections - HN!

Picture of Meet & Greet event flyer

Inaugural Meet & Greet Events for FYE & Academic Advising!

Picture of Yvonne Jackson, Dr. Violanti & Kayla Buscher

Dr. Violanti, Yvonne Jackson & Kayla Buscher at the HN Meet & Greet Event!

Picture of students at meet & greet event

Students visiting the FYE & Academic Advising Meet & Greet at HN!

See additional and ongoing access to the FYE picture gallery.

New Student "First Steps"

Congratulations on your decision to become a CSN Coyote!

We can't wait to have you join our community.

There are some important "First Steps" as you move ahead on the Coyote Pathway!


Contact our incredible RECRUITMENT team for more information.

Explore the exciting Areas of Study available at CSN.

Connect here, if you are a degree seeking student, to take the next steps in the process


Once you have applied and are on your way, it is important to complete the "FIRST STEPS" to best support your successful entry and transition to CSN!

Students should complete the First Steps in order as one builds upon the next! Please contact FYE with any questions you have at 702-651-2727 or at Contact Us.

1. Connect with Financial Aid:

2. Take your placement exams in English & Math:

3. Register for in person CORE New Student Orientation:

4. Meet and connect with our incredible Academic Advising team:

FYE Peer Leadership

When each new student begins their CSN experience, they can connect with another CSN student - an FYE PEER LEADER - who is trained to help new students transition into life in college and at CSN!

FYE Peer Leaders strive to build a mentoring relationship with new students, serving as a support system here at CSN.

The FYE Peer Leaders provide an insider track to the community, share the plethora of resources available, and connect new students to answers they may need in the first year and beyond.

FYE Students First Stations

Students First Stations are a GREAT resource for new students when you have a quick question and need immediate assistance!

The Students First Stations are hosted by a CSN "Coyote Concierge" who can provide support, refer students and families to campus resources and assist with connecting students to what they need for success at CSN.

Hours of operation

  • Monday-Friday: 8:30-4:30 – all three campuses (hours are subject to change)
  • WCH: D Building – Student Services
  • HEN: B Building – Student Services
  • NLV: Main Building – Student Services

FYE Events

Watch this area closely for upcoming FYE events!

Week of 11/11-11/15

Meet us Mondays – every Monday  - FYE Social Media

Tuesday, 11/12: Student Success Focus Group - we want to hear from you! 11:30am in the NLV Student Union - Multicultural Center - Room 121.

Wednesday, 11/13: FYE on the Move - come and say hello to Dr. V! Student union coffee area at WCH - 2:30-3:30pm!

Thursday, 11/14: First Look Coffee & Conversation - Noon in the NLV Student Union - Room 121 - Multicultural Center - THIS WEEK'S TOPIC - ACADEMIC SUCCESS!

Friday, 11/15: Student Success - Celebrating Students First event! WCH Student Union - 9am-3pm

First Year Fridays – every Friday – FYE social media


FYE Online - Connect with us for All the Most Current Info & Updates

FYE Email: Contact the FYE department

FYE 2019 - Canvas: A place to connect with the FYE Team, other students, FYE Peer Leaders & more

Twitter: @FYECSN1

Facebook Page: FYE and Student Success – CSN

Facebook Messenger: Doc Violanti

Instagram: fye.csn

FYE Walk in Support & Connections

FYE "On the Move"

Look for Dr. V to check in weekly at HEN, WCH & NLV!

Students First Stations at HEN, WCH & NLV

Connect with a “Coyote Concierge" DAILY with any questions you may have!

FYE Office "CHAT" Online in FB Messenger (Doc Violanti) - we are here to answer your questions!

First Year Student Life and Leadership Development - get Involved on Campus

Check out the Student Life & Leadership Development Office to get involved on campus and in the community!

Check out CSN's NEW Student Unions on all three campuses! Great food, a place to connect with other students, a place to study or relax between classes & more!

A resource to be aware of in the Student Union on each campus: The Coyote Cupboard is now open and ready to be utilized by current CSN students. The Coyote Cupboards' Food Pantries are located in each Student Union - Room #115. Students should first stop by the student government office to sign in before using the cupboard. The current hours of the food pantry are from 10am-4pm - Monday through Friday.

Wellness in the First Year

Wellness and health are an important part of being successful in the first year! Check out our CAPS office.

Academic Success

Academic success in the first year is a team effort and we are here to enhance the great work you are doing!

Check out our Centers for Academic Success for tutoring, support labs, writing center and more.

Do you have a learning, psychological or physical difference? Connect with our Disability Resource Center to explore your options for academic accommodations at CSN.

Academic Advising is your place to be for all advising needs!

MyCoyotePlan is a CSN online tool to help YOU be successful and connect when you are facing any challenges! Check out the info guide: Resources for Student Success

First Year Families & Parents

You are an important part of your student's success at CSN!

We encourage you to follow our updates on the webpage, social media and watch for our weekly newsletter with campus happenings!

Please watch for upcoming information on:

A new Family/Parent webpage

A closed Facebook group for family/parents to ask questions and receive information and updates. Request to join our Facebook Group

A new Family/Parent Network for families to get conneted to their student's experience - email Dr. Violanti if interested in getting connected!

Monthly newsletter just for family/parents - to join the mailing list, please email Dr. V



Meet our FYE Team

Yvonne Jackson, Karen Violanti, and Cinnamon Oliphant
Dr Karen Violanti
Dr. Karen Violanti
Director, First Year Experience & Student Success Initiatives

Dr. V joined the CSN community in July, 2019 in the brand new office of First Year Experience (FYE) & Student Success Initiatives. She is currently based at the NLV campus in the FYE Office (Building E/Student Services). She enjoys all aspects of the First Year Experience including Orientation, Peer Leader/Mentor Programs, & FYS courses. In her spare time, Dr. V loves to spend time with family & friends, run, hike, travel and is an avid Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bills fan!

Cinnamon Oliphant
Cinnamon Oliphant
Administrative Assistant III

Cinnamon Oliphant is the Administrative Assistant III supporting First Year Experience & Student Success Initiatives. She is currently based at the NLV campus in the FYE Office (Building E/Student Services) and is known to welcome visitors with a smile and a warm, friendly greeting. Outside of work, Cinnamon is a student at CSN pursuing her BAS in Deaf Studies: American Sign Language/English Interpreting.

Yvonne Jackson
Yvonne Jackson
Coordinator, Orientation

Yvonne is the Coordinator of Orientation and is currently based at the NLV campus in the FYE Office (Building E/Student Services). Yvonne Jackson has committed herself to helping students succeed for over 20 years as a higher education professional with 11 of those years here at CSN. Yvonne takes a holistic approach to her interactions with students, and has a keen interest in student success strategies. Her belief is that all students can succeed in college if they have the right tools and support to stay connected and resilient throughout the college experience.



Meet the First Year Experience Peer Leaders & Coyote Concierges!

Please click on each picture to read a short bio on the FYE Team Member!

Picture of Justin Wallace
Justin Wallace

Justin Wallace is a Coyote Concierge with College at the North Las Vegas campus. He Has an Associate of Science and an Associate of Arts. He assists new students at the "Students First Station" providing answers and general information about the college. He also attends C.O.R.E. orientation sessions for the start of each semester, and assists with campus technology training.  

Picture of Simone Smith
Simone Smith

Simone Smith is a Coyote Concierge which supports First Year Experience & Student Success Initiatives. She is currently based at the Henderson campus in Student Services Building B. Simone has recently graduated from CSN for Elementary Education and comes with a lot of information from her experience at CSN. In her spare time, she loves to find and create DIY projects, and go running with her husky family. 

Picture of Bryanna Lum Ho-Kana’e
Bryanna Lum Ho-Kana’e

Bryanna Lum Ho-Kana'e is part of the Coyote Concierge team supporting First Year Experience & Orientations. She is currently based at the WCH campus in the Student First station area and provides help to all current, returning students with admissions and campus technology. Outside of work, Bryanna has graduated with her Associate of Science and likes to connect to the Las Vegas community by participating in open mics, art exhibits, and supporting local artists

Picture of Sherese Sarazen
Sherese Sarazen

Sherese has been at CSN for one year and is studying to earn a degree in nursing for the career goal of being a Pediatric Nurse. Sherese joined FYE April 2019 as an FYE Peer Leader and enjoys meeting new students while showing them how to navigate the campus. Sherese is compassionate and friendly to approach whenever someone is in need. She loves being with friends and family while also enjoying Disney and other nostalgic moments of childhood.

Picture of Danial Salimi
Danial Salimi

Danial Hajisalimi is an international student from Iran studying his 3rd semester at CSN. Danial is one of the first students who joined the FYE Peer Leader team and is based at the West Charleston campus. Danial is currently studying Hospitality Management at CSN and is looking forward to transfer to UNLV for his bachelor degree.

Picture of Khadija Fatima
Khadija Fatima

Khadija Fatima is an FYE Peer Leader at the WCH campus. Khadija helps students to succeed in college, is the President of New Coyote Crew Club, and also a current student at CSN majoring in biological sciences. Outside of work, she likes to read books and serve the local community by volunteering.

Picture of Hilda Romero
Hilda Romero

Hilda Romero is a current student at CSN majoring in elementary education. Hilda is an FYE Peer leader who is located at the West Charleston campus in building D in the lobby. In Hilda's spare time she like to read, write, listen to music, and spend time with family and friends.

Picture of Ageda Torres
Ageda Torres

Ageda Torres is a Coyote Concierge at the Henderson Campus. She has worked at CSN since 2017 as part of the Advising department, then at the Disability Resource Center and now for the First Year Experience. At the Students First Station, she assists students with questions and directs them to the appropriate departments and resources on campus. You can count on her if you need any help navigating through the first steps process or anything else regarding CSN. She is an elementary education major. When away from CSN she enjoys spending quality time with family.