Mission Statement

The College of Southern Nevada creates opportunities and enriches lives with inclusive learning and working environments that support diversity and student success. The College fosters economic development, civic engagement, and cultural and scientific literacy, while helping students achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals.

Vision Statement

The College of Southern Nevada is recognized as a leader among community colleges in fostering student success.

CSN is committed to:

  • Exceptional Learning Environments, which integrate career and liberal arts education, to shape well-rounded, engaged citizens, employees, and community leaders.
  • Developing Solution-Oriented Strategies to help students overcome barriers to educational access and success.
  • A Culture of Accountability in which we balance data-informed decision making with flexibility and responsiveness to stakeholders, individuals, and events.
  • A Collegial Work Environment that makes CSN the "employer of choice" for an exceptional workforce that is engaged in and accountable for the quality of CSN's learning environment, and that benefits from excellent support, growth opportunities, and competitive total compensation packages.
  • Quality Community Partnerships that provide resources and educational opportunities to develop a skilled workforce.
  • Cultural and Academic Initiatives that promote the advancement and appreciation of the arts, sciences, and humanities, contributing to the richness of our multicultural community.


Values Statement

CSN values the following:

Lifelong Learning:  CSN values a broad-based education because a diverse foundation of knowledge empowers creative thinking, problem solving, and innovation.

Excellence:  CSN understands that achieving and surpassing our goals requires care, commitment, and quality in teaching, learning, scholarship, service, and administration.

Integrity:  CSN places fairness, honesty, transparency, and trust at the center of all policies and operations.

Inclusion:  CSN embraces diversity because it heals social division and injustice, and promotes creativity, growth, and critical thinking through the integration of many different perspectives.

Academic Freedom:  CSN values freedom of thought and speech because open minds and uninhibited discussions are fundamental to teaching, learning, and responsible civic engagement.

Connectedness:  CSN builds a collective identity through shared governance, effective communication and collaboration among students, faculty, staff, and community members.