Strategic Plan

NSHE Strategic Plan

Logo for the CSN Strategic Futures project

The College of Southern Nevada’s road map for the next seven years is under construction this year through a process called strategic planning.

This plan is required as part of the college’s accreditation. Like any good manual, we will use it to make decisions about how we operate, where we should focus resources and how CSN should evolve to meet community needs from 2017-2024.

To date, the Strategic Future Taskforce was created and charged with the development of the Strategic Plan. The Draft Strategic Plan was created and is currently being finalized.

There have been multiple opportunities to participate:

  • CSN Listening Sessions
  • Strategic Futures External Stakeholders Event
  • External Listening Sessions
  • Surveys

For more information, please contact CSN Strategic Futures Taskforce Chairs Dr. Joshua Levin and Patty Charlton.