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For club information, please contact Student Government at 702-651-4942, Student Life and Leadership Development at 702-651-4051 or the ASCSN Student Government Vice President at 702-651-4382.

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Registered Clubs and OrganizationsCome share in the Coyote experience. We have many different opportunities for you to get involved with the College and the community. If you have an interest, we have a club. And if we don't have a club, start one. Clubs and organizations cover a wide variety of interests that allow you to learn, lead, and expand your horizons beyond the classroom. With such a large number of organizations to choose from, you can be sure to find one (or several!) that you will enjoy.

Renewing or Starting a Club

Take the first step: In order to begin all clubs and organizations are REQUIRED to attend an orientation or schedule an appointment with ASCSN Vice President They may be reached to schedule an appointment or orientation information, at (702) 651-4382 or by e-mail at. Please confirm your attendance at least 48 hours in advance.

Submit your ASCSN Club Packet: You have two options to apply for full club status and privileges. One includes a seed money donation from ASCSN and the other does not. Requirements are as follows:

With seed money - Submit 10 student signatures and a copy of their current semester student identification cards including REQUIRED signatures from the club president, vice-president, secretary and advisor.

Without seed money - Submit the signatures and a copy of their student identification cards from the club president, vice-president, secretary, and advisor. (Note: Clubs may submit the additional parts of their club packet at any time to receive seed money)

All clubs must be active in order to receive seed money. Read through the ASCSN Club Packet for deadlines and other important information.