The JUMPSTART CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT PROGRAM offers college-credit courses to junior and senior high school students at local high schools for a reduced fee of $50 per class, plus applicable technology fees, per credit. The general education courses are offered at the high school site and are taught by "college accredited" high school instructors. Students "Jumpstart" their college career, while they attend their high school classes and finish their high school diploma. This program is designed for students who are interested in getting a "Jump Start" in their college classes and pay only a fraction of the college tuition fee.

Jumpstart Benefits:

  • CSN registration fee is WAIVED
  • College textbooks are FREE to students
  • FREE college student resources
  • Classes are offered during normal high school hours

Contact Us

Ms. Nora Mirabal, Assistant Director (702) 651-3179 Email Nora